Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Williams Piano Company

Williams Piano Company of Oshawa was another leading Canadian piano company that developed a rather unique response to compete with the new Heintzman plate design.
Robert Sugden Williams had a new plate designed called New Scale Williams. This involved a new plate flange similar in look to the Heintzman Patented Agraffe bridge flange.
In the New Scale Williams design holes were not drilled into the flange itself but an agraffe was set into the backside of the flange, in what I have called a reverse agraffe assembly.  
Recently I came across one of these instruments and took a series of photos of this particular set-up.
I can imagine if one of these agraffes ever broke it would be impossible to repair without removing the entire plate.

Please note that recently Google has changed the Picasa web albums that I use here on this blog. If anyone experiences problems with viewing the photos let me know and I will assist in solving the problem.

The link below is the photo set for the New Scale Williams plate design. 

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