Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Teflon Paste

When completing an application of Teflon powder try this paste.  Place a small amount of Teflon powder in a bowl. Mix in some isopropyl alcohol to make a paste.

Then apply that paste to the leather or buckskin knuckles. The alcohol evaporates quickly and leaves only the Teflon. Applied this way keeps the Teflon dust down to a minimum.

I have also found that the alcohol allows the Teflon to migrate further into the fibres of the buckskin. After several applications over time, even when the knuckles are brushed, one can see that a certain amount of Teflon remains impregnated in the material of the knuckle. 

Another observation I have with this paste is the fact that at times the paste will shrink the knuckle buckskin a certain amount. This is beneficial when technicians find certain knuckles have gone soft from use, which is the buckskin stretching. The paste can be used in certain circumstances to replace bolstering.  At times, if I am aware that the knuckle materials are soft prior to applying this paste, I will use the 70% isopropyl instead of the usual 91% solution. The added water in the 70% helps to shrink the buckskin making the knuckle hard again.
I would recommend mixing this up in small batches, otherwise the alcohol evaporates before you get a chance to use the mixture and you will have to remix.

I cannot claim the original as my own. This came to me a few years ago from Jerry Groot RPT who lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Thanks Jerry!

Here is a set of photos showing the Teflon paste.

Teflon Paste 

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