Friday, April 5, 2013

Newcombe Piano Company

Recently I came across an early example of Canadian piano building from the Newcombe Piano Company and took some photos of this early example.

Octavius Newcombe was involved in a partnership in 1871 with Thomas Mason & Vincent Risch who were at that time the Mason & Risch Piano company.

Newcombe formed his own company in 1878 and began building mostly square pianos and uprights at that time.

Newcombe Piano Co.  patented several clever inventions  and won wide acclaim for their upright models in particular.

Here is a photo set of a Newcombe upright, an 85 key instrument built in the straight strung style with a ¾ plate. One of the best preserved examples of early Canadian piano building I have come across in my travels.

Here is the link to the photo set.

Newcombe Piano circa 1878