Friday, August 5, 2011

Latex Paint Removal from Old Lacquer Finish

 This is a good posting for any technician who works in the institutional systems; schools, churches, hospitals etc.

The staff members in these buildings move the pianos around from room to room as per the requirements of use.

Many times the piano is bumped against the wall or rubbed on the door frame of the building. The result being paint left on the old surface of the piano. 

Please note:
This photo album was made some time back with an older camera. There are two short videos within this photo album that will take a few seconds to load. If there are any problems with viewing, please let me know through direct email or through the comments section here at the bottom of each posting.

Here is a photo set and video solution to remove latex paint from an old lacquer surface.


The Varsol used here in this presentation I have only tried on old lacquer. With any removal product it is always best to test the product on a piece of the piano that does not show in case the product also removes the finish and colour. For example, I would not recommend using Varsol on old varnish as the varnish will melt causing further problems.

Will it work on old Shellac? Possibly it might; try applying some on the side of the check that does not show beyond the fall board to see if the finish melts. If the finish does indeed melt then stop and find another product that is not so invasive.

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