Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Grand Piano Restoration: Action & Keyboard

Remember to take some of the general measurements of the action and keyboard. Most important are the original measurements within the action and keyboard geometry and the tolerances for how it plays at the moment with all of the worn parts; not too important to be concerned about the string line as the plate will be raised for re-gilding. 

Because this action has a partial hammer set replacement there will be difficulty in obtaining original geometry for the extreme treble areas. 

Lots of the common repairs required here; all keyboard under felts, a full set of key bushings top and bottom, back check leather replacements, whippen heel, drop screw and let-off replacements, along with hammer shanks, flanges and hammers. 

Now that the entire instrument has been dismantled, there are several stations to work at, the action and keyboard restoration, the cabinet and woodworking, then the fixed structure of the instrument, the plate, sounding board, bridges and pin block. This prevents a work stoppage in case of machinery breakdown or lack of proper parts; one can switch to another area to continue working.

Same photo set starting at photo 63.

Action and Keyboard

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