Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Tuner’s Life 4 Special Projects

Well, it is not always about pianos here. Sometimes I get interesting requests to manufacture or assist with making an unusual project.

A while back a young fellow contacted me a while back seeking assistance with his project of building a shadow box.  The box was to be built with side rails to hang earrings on, but he also wanted to have a music box component to this item.

 I thought this would be an interesting and fun project to do, so I kept a record of the progress to completion.
The photos are mostly screen shots of a design program. Then there are photos of the coloring and finish. At the end there is a small video sample of the music that this unit will play. 

One more thing; my shop cat was fascinated by this project and loved the music box when it played. If you watch closely on the left side of the video she hears the music from the garden and comes into the shop to sit and watch the roller in the music box go around. You can see her coming through the doorway….

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